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Mechanical Engineering Professionals works to enable each customer to sucessfully meet their engineering goals through professional, creative, engineering design and development.


For the scientific, engineering or manufacturing company:

We can either supplement your engineering effort by incorporating into your team or you can outsource an entire project, assembly or subassembly for us to handle independently.

Our rates are competitive with what it would cost to hire and support and equally skilled Sr. Engineer on staff.

We allow your company to add staff for design tasks without the hassle of taking on a full time employee.

You get design engineers that have been exposed to a broad array of industries and can leverage that knowledge to create better designs.

In some cases we can perform work on site, but also have all the equipment to conduct any design work necessary at our office.

We can design to your manufacturing processes and vendors to reduce costs for you and make our designs something you know that you can build.  We also have our own vendors that we can bring in if so desired.

For the startup company:

When you  hire us, you hire engineering professionals with the necessary infrastructure already in place to get your design effort off the ground in a minimum amount of time and at a minimum cost.

We can work with you to setup any necessary manufacturing either in house, with an outside shop of your choice, or through our manufacturing partners.

We have a history of success in bringing excellent products to market for small and large companies.

For Doctors and Medical Professionals:

We have proven success in creating marketable medical products.

We sign non-disclosure agreements up front to keep your ideas confidential.

We will evaluate and give you a detailed proposal and estimate for the work before ever charging.

We will take you step by step through the design and product development process and keep you updated of our progress.

We can help you with setting up manufacturing if you would like to manufacture yourself instead of licensing the idea.

We bring skilled professional engineers to the table to help you fully realize success in your design.

For the new inventor:

We do occassionally work with new inventors on products.  However, most inventors that call us have unrealistic expectations of what it costs to design and develop a product, and thus we often do not bid or the inventor finds that we are far outside his expected price range.  We are some of the highest end engineers you will find and typical projects include robotics, advanced medical products, scientific equipment and the like.   We are often cheaper than the competition but delvoping a new product, setting up a factory is a serious and expensive business.  We also do not invest in new products that are not our own with either time or money.  For more information click on the link below.

Please see our Inventor's Corner Page for more info for inventors.

More information on the specifics of working with Mechanical Engineering Professionals, LLC such as terms and rates can be found on the following page:

Working with Mechanical Engineering Professionals