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This page contains job opening information for Mechanical Engineering Professionals, LLC. If we have a job opening it will be posted here FIRST. If you do not see a job opening here, there is no job opening. However, if you would like to be considered for future openings you can contact us through our e-mail form on our contact us page or send an e-mail to resumes at this domain (we don't write out the e-mail because spam-bots seem to like it). Resumes sent to us when no jobs are posted are our lowest priority so you may not hear a response from us. Please include pay requirements with all inquiries and applications.

We only consider direct applicants and we do not pay HR firms or recruiters.

Current Opportunities

We Have No Current Opennings

Guidance for Possible Future Applicants

This is for future guidance only. If no oppurtunity is stated above, there are no current opennings.

Mechanical Engineering Professionals, LLC is a small dynamic company. We look for top talent only. We ask for this, as do our customers. Employees will be interacting with top management and customers on a daily basis. If you do not have top skills this will be readily apparent to everyone almost immediately and you most likely will not make it through the initial probationary period. But for the talented, your work will be appreciated and you will be able to work on a very diverse array of engineering problems with the ability to see those designs come to life as they go into manufacture. Our pay scale is also in place to provide generous rewards to those who help the company prosper with structured performance bonuses and profit sharing.

In all applicants, we look for the following:

  • Excellent design skills and background that shows highly creative design and problem solving.
  • A passion for engineering design.
  • Extremely strong technical skills, the ability to solve complicated engineering problems quickly without shying away from math or underlying engineering calculations.
  • Outstanding communication skills, all our employees interface with clients and need to be able to communicate and demonstrate their work often to people who are not engineers in a way that they can understand.

Our next hire (and this may not be for many many months) will most likely be a Senior Engineer/Program Manager. This would be someone at the top of their field who can manage complex engineering assignments from start to finish who also has a strong grasp on engineering design steps and time requirements. The second most likely opening would be an entry level design engineer.