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Spectrometry System Design

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Mechanical Engineering Professionals, LLC has a large amount of experience in spectrometry. We have worked on simple diffraction grating spectrometers to highly exotic applications such as transient grating laser spectrometers. All spectroscopy design requires that both careful attention be paid to both the illumination and the sampling side of the system. Mechanical Engineering Professionals has the experience in both the development of custom illumination and custom spectrometric sampling design.

Very often heat issues also play a heavy part in spectrometer design. On the illumination side, the radiator often needs to maintain a very controlled temperature so that the spectral signal of the source does not change and thus affect the results. On the signal sampling side, the detector is often aligned to a very tight tolerance and the design needs to maintain the tolerance over a fair range of temperatures. Mechanical Engineering Professionals, LLC is very capable in solving both of those problems.

Our Spectrometry System Design experience includes:

  • FTIR Spectrometry (Fourier Transform Infra-Red)
  • Diffraction Grating Spectrometer Design
  • Prisms and Grisms
  • Specialty Illumination Design (In UV, Visible and IR)
  • Reflective and Absorptive Spectrometry
  • Spectrometer design for Colorimetry
  • Silicon Wafer and Thin Film Metrology
  • Transient Grating Spectrometers