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If you have an invention or a product concept, Mechanical Engineering Professionals, LLC can help you at every step.  Bringing a product from conception to full production is what we do for a living.  Whether you are experienced or relatively new to the product development cycle, we are ready to help you at the level you need.

One of our key goals is not just to assist in designing and building your product but making sure it is built on-time and at costs that fit your business model.  Care and attention are paid early on in the product design & development to the methods of manufacturing and assembly so that those manufacturing cost are kept to a minimum down the road.  We also work hard in assuring that aesthetic and marketing goals of the product are included in the design from the start to insure success when the product comes to market.

When the design is finished, we can bring it into production in the United States or overseas through our Asian partners. If your company has a manufacturing arm we can work with them using their methods to bring the product to market in fastest possible time and at the lowest possible cost. If you are starting out, we can also help you establish your own manufacturing presence and work with you to create the necessary infrastructure to succeed. Just speak to our engineers about your product design and development needs.

For more information about the product development process, go to the link below.

Product Development Process