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Opto-mechanical Engineering

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    This subset of mechanical engineering specializes in optical systems, which usually have much higher design and manufacturing tolerances than most machinery. They also require submicron precision during design and manufacturing. In addition, the glass used in optical systems tends to have unusual physical properties that make it particularly difficult to design around. We are experts at employing precision design techniques to deliver products that match all appropriate specifications.

High-performance optical systems generally require the expertise of:

•    An optical engineer, who focuses solely on the system’s optical performance.
•    An opto-mechanical engineer, who designs the system’s mounting, shutters, zoom mechanism and other features.

The opto-mechanical engineers at Mechanical Engineering Professionals, LLC are experienced with virtually all types of optical systems. If a project requires dedicated optical engineering, we can bring in our network of highly skilled optical engineers.

Mechanical Engineering Professionals, LLC is particularly skilled in opto-mechanical engineering. We are very experienced in designing the following types of systems:

•    Laser
•    Imaging
•    Photonics
•    Holography
•    Metrology
•    Infrared
•    Spectrometry
•    Microscope Design
•    Fiber Optics

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