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Plastics often require a deeper knowledge of the plastics manufacturing process than many other manufacturing methods. This is because tooling for plastics is often expensive and plastic parts are not as durable as metal. Good plastic design can reduce mold costs significantly and insure that parts have the proper strength they need.

Mechanical Engineering Professionals, LLC has extensive experience in plastics and plastic design. Often people who know a little about plastics tend to think primarily of injection molded parts, but many molding processes are available beyond just injection molding. These processes include thermoforming, rotational molding, blow molding, compression molding, dip coat forming, resin casting, structural foam, RIM, SLA, SLS, Soft tool casting and more. Mechanical Engineering Professionals have direct experience in designing parts for all these manufacturing methods.

We also have experience in many different plastic materials, whether they are exotic plastics such as PEEK or Ultem or common low cost plastics such as ABS. Selecting the right material is often critical to making parts durable while keeping costs low.

We also have extensive experience in engineering industrial designed pieces with wild contours and other designs have included a fair amount of over-molding with soft feel features. Feel free to contact us to see some examples of our past work.