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Working with Mechanical Engineering Professionals, LLC

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This page intends to answer the most frequently asked questions about working with Mechanical Engineering Professionals, LLC. If you have more detailed questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. The one main question we get that we cannot answer in a generic way is “How much would is cost to design a [Insert Product Name Here]?” In all product design, cost is highly dependent on the details, the amount to be manufactured, and the quality to which it is designed. We are happy to provide detail estimates to clients serious about production, but hopefully this information will be useful guidance in perhaps estimating some costs.

Do you work by the hour or based on a flat fee?

We generally only work on a time and materials basis. We can create a phased estimate so that our work is phased in the product development cycle. We can give estimates for all phases but we usually only can give close price for the next phase in a long development project as most development projects requirements change as project progresses. See our project development process page for a list of the common phases that we break a project into.

For light contract manufacturing, we can give set prices for assemblies.  This requires that we have already built the assembly once or more and have established a supply chain.

How much do you charge?

Please see our rates and fees pages for a detailed answer and explanation of our fee structure. We usually work on a flat fee per phase structure (as mentioned above) which varies the hourly rate. But in general our services can be estimated based on a $140/hour rate for senior engineers.

Mechanical Engineering Professionals' Rates and Fees

How do we start to work with Mechanical Engineering Professionals, LLC?

The first part is contacting us to start discussions on what your project entails. Most clients begin by signing a non-disclosure agreement with us prior to discussing the project. We are willing to sign most non-disclosure agreements as long as they don't have any outrageous clauses (like requiring us to break our other client's confidentiality by disclosing other projects we work on). We also have a standard agreement which you can download by clicking on the link below.

Mechanical Engineering Professionals' Standard Nondisclosure Agreement

If you don't need a nondisclosure agreement that is fine with us as well.

The next step would be to discuss your project and it's requirements in detail. After we have discussed the project with you, we will come up with an initial estimate. This usually takes a few days. You can see an example of what an estimate looks like by following the link below.

Mechanical Engineering Professionals Example Initial Estimate

If the estimate looks acceptable to you, we will write it into a more detailed official statement of work. If there was anything you wanted changed from the original estimate we would discuss it and write the desired statement of work with the agreed on changes. One can see an example Statement of Work by clicking on the link below.

Mechanical Engineering Professionals Example Statement of Work

The Statement of Work would become part of a standard contract to engage us. Our standard contract can be viewed or downloaded by clicking the link below. Note that we can adjust terms to suit a client or use another contract provided it is agreeable.

Mechanical Engineering Professionals Standard Contract

Once the contracts are signed and we receive initial payment, work will begin immediately.