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Inventor's Corner

Mechanical Engineering Professionals works to enable each customer to sucessfully meet their engineering goals through professional, creative, engineering design and development.

    At Mechanical Engineering Professionals, we rarely with inventors and individuals in developing their ideas and bringing them to reality.  This is because the majority of inventors who call us have not been exposed to product development and the design and manufacturing costs that it entails.

Developing a product is  a serious business and bringing a product to market cost tens of thousands of dollars if not hundreds of thousands or millions.  This is not a process for the faint of heart or the casual person as most new products rarely cost less than one hundred thousand dollars to develop.  The everyday products you see at Walmart for just dollars or tens of dollars usually required millions of dollars to develop.  As an example, Gillette spent 750 million dollars developing its Mach 3 line of razors. Myths in the culture abound about people getting rich quick off of simple ideas, but this is just that, a myth, and in reality most successful inventors work very hard in selling their ideas or raising the capital to manufacture them.

Developing an invention is very much like starting a business.  In fact, if you are looking to profit from your invention, it is starting a business.  Before coming to an engineering firm or other manufacturer, an inventor should, at the minimum, perform a market analysis to establish the market value of their product (to understand how much the product is worth) and lay out at least a rough business plan.  The business plan could be that the inventions are to be sold to other companies, but that is still a business (a business of creating and selling invention ideas), and the inventor should be ready to invest time and money in selling those ideas.

If you would like help in doing a market analysis or creating a business plan we can certainly help as consultants.  However, if you are capable person, the Small Business Administration provides an excellent resource for writing a business plan (  Another good resource that we advise all of our individual clients to look into is SCORE ( which provides free couseling to small business owners.  Score keeps local offices throughout the country but also can help over the phone or through their website.

If pursuing the development of your invention is still of interest to you and would like Mechanical Engineering Professionals, LLC to create an estimate and help with the feasibility of the project we have a minumum new project fee of $25,000 for individuals

If you have an established company and these don't seem to suit you, please see the information for our corporate clients or give us a call.

Frequently Ask Questions

I do not have money to develop my product but I have revolutionary product which will change the industry would Mechanical Engineering Professionals, LLC be willing work free for a percentage of the profits?

No. We are an engineering consulting firm and not venture capitalists or angel investors.  If you own a company or have a startup that is partially funded we may be able to work out a deal for a lower rate initially for larger profits later, but we would still need some ongoing consulting fee to maintain our business.  Also most of our extra capital goes into developing our own product.

I do not have money to develop my product, is there any other way that you could help me?

Our business is to be paid for the work that we do. So if you do not have money to pay us, there is not much we can do.  There are many books available at bookstores or your local library that explain how to sell or profit from your inventions.  We reccomend books by Mike Rounds of Rounds, Miller and Associates as we know him and respect his integrity.  He also offers consulting and product solicitation services for inventors, you can find out more at his website at

Why does it cost so much to develop a product, my product is just a simple plastic part and I see similar items in the store for just a few dollars?

We make plastic parts for some clients.  In large quantities they do only cost a few dollars eact or even cents.  The key to this is large quantities.  A part we designed for one of our clients cost about $7000 to design, the mold costed $15000, and then the first runs and inspecting of the parts cost another $3000.  So here, there is a $25000 cost prior to being able to make that one plastic part.  However, if they make 1 million parts, that cost is averaged over one million of parts.  So the design and mold cost per part is only 2.5 cents, but they still need to pay the $25000 up front. If the part itself is 2.5 cents then they also need to pay another $25000 just to do the manufacturing run.  Because of this, the upfront development costs are really closer to $50000 for just one plastic part. 

Most items are more than one part, but it's easy to see now that if a project entails 10 plastic parts, the design upfront costs could easily be over $500,000.  We have ways to make it less expensive to do the initial development in most cases, but there limits on how much we can reduce the price.  Product development is big business and carries with it large capital requirements.

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